The Film

Kenneth, a young photographer travels the world with his art project, documenting one thousand naked bodies. He meets fascinating people, like Gypsy, a «body freedom activist», who regularily gets arrested for protesting naked.

“The Naked Dream” explores why nudity continues to spark controvercy. Some fight public nudity, equating it with depravity. Others fight for the right to be naked everywhere. Most of us experience a mixture of shame and freedom while naked. Into the mix comes body anxiety, fear of sexual violence, exhibitionism and plain old prudence.

In this documentary, award-winning filmmaker Jan Dalchow digs deeper. When people overcome their fears and go naked, why do most people feel so good about it? Among his subjects are people afraid of and proud of their naked bodies.

Travelling from Oslo in Norway, to Edinburgh in the UK, to San Fransisco, US, «The Naked Dream» will be a funny, shocking and deeply serious film about a society that seems to be sliding back towards puritanism.